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Robots in disguise

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A group for all Transformers fans, all generations! Here we share artwork of all the Transformers universes, suggest :+fav:s related to TF, and share the TF love with everyone else on deviantART! :heart:
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Jan 5, 2010


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Donation features part 2!

:star: :iconera-7: :star: (off 12/24/14)
TFP Houston by ERA-7MARS 2365 by ERA-7

:star: :iconobsydiandreamer: :star: (off 12/18/14)
Daenerys Targaryen by ObsydianDreamer Among the Rubble (Transformers)Silently, Ironhide moved through the wreckage, filled with a sense of disbelief and loss.
He was with a small unit of high-ranking Autobot officers, led by none other than Sentinel Prime himself. They were some of the first to arrive after they received the urgent SOS from the Autobot troops within Iacon. He was in Kalis when they got the message, and he knew it must have been bad, but what he found when they arrived at ground zero was much worse than what he had imagined.
More than half the city had been utterly destroyed, reduced to smouldering rubble. Whether the inhabitants were high caste or low caste it made no difference; there had been no mercy for anyone.
It was a battle – no, slaughter – that would forever live in infamy in Cybertronian history.
Reports said that the attack had been led by Starscream, Megatron’s new Second-in-Command. Ironhide knew that Starscream was cunning and eager to move up the Decepticon ranks, but he never thought the seeker

:star: :iconv-for-vincent: :star: (off 12/15/14)
Cyclonus x Tailgate - OneTailgate x Cyclonus - One
(PLEASE see Artist's Comments BEFORE reading, for warnings and disclaimers)
Tailgate x Cyclonus - One
Tailgate cycled a deep, contented sigh and relaxed. A dim, soothing light radiated from the screen of the unattended work console, complimenting the quiet, peaceful warmth that radiated from his spark.
The habsuite was quiet now, but things had been very different not too long ago.
He smiled, feeling Cyclonus' arms tightly about him, holding him to the warrior's chest casing. Tailgate offlined his optics, recalling spending an uncertain amount of time beneath the warrior, savouring Cyclonus' fierce interfacing, something he'd believed would never be more than empty fantasies. He squirmed a little, replaying his most recent memories and feeling a brief surge of heat spring from his interface panel.
He was finding it difficult trying to calm this need, unsure of when he'd grown so addicted to Cyclonus' passion, but this was one addiction he was all too willing t
Christmas 2012 by v-for-vincent

:star: :iconsearaph: :star: (off 12/4/14)
Pikachu menu sprite by SearaphHoenn Starters by Searaph

Thank you to ERA-7 for these amazing custom background skins :)

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Color swap mini-contest winners!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 6:39 AM

:w00t: Mini-mini-contest winners! :w00t:

First, as always, thank you to everyone (the 3...) who participated! :clap:

NOTE: We only listed 2 places/prizes on our blog but since there were only three that participated, everyone gets awarded. Thank you for participating! :D

Please comment with any suggestions or ideas.

:police: If you're going to say something impolite or unkind, STOP and DON'T. You may be blocked from the group for not following dA rules! (And our rules too!) :police:

The judges were: the admin team!

Prompt: Depict a scene (whether art or literature) that includes at least one canon Transformer FROM THE BAYVERSE MOVIES with a different paint job.

:trophy: 1st place :trophy:
Pink is the New Black (Transformers [Movie-Verse])Pink is the New Black

A Transformers One-Shot
For the Cybertronians Mini-Mini Contest

Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink 
     “What in the…what have you done to yourself, Hound?”
    The off-road vehicle flashed its lights at the disturbed green mech and drove a circle around the mech. From the back of their current hideout came a calm chuckle that was largely ignored by the disturbed Autobot watching his comrade circle him. “Ya like it? Thought it would help blend in a li’l more. You know, look more ‘civilian-like.’”
    Crosshairs simply stared while Hound did a few more circuits around him. On the mech’s fourth lap, Crosshairs turned to face the last Autob

by LeaderPinhead

More from this artist:
Til All Are Drunk (TF: MTMTE)“I can’t believe they just dumped me like that!”
Swerve sagely nodded from behind his counter before taking the empty glass sitting beside Rodimus’ folded arms and refilling it to the brim with a vibrant yellow engex. The young ‘bots head immediately shot up from where it lay on his arms to ingest the small glass of liquid. “I get it. Kicked to the curb— discarded —replaced. You got the short end of the stick, Roddy.”
“Wanna another glass?”
“Hit me!”
The bar-mech graciously refilled the ex-captain’s glass. There was a shout from the other side of the bar—likely from the highly intoxicated Trailcutter—and Rodimus whipped around to drunkenly join in the ruckus. Swerve resisted the urge to laugh at the young Autobot’s actions. He admirably hid his grin with a grim frown when Rodimus turned back to him.
“I was a great captain!”
“Sure were.”
(Transformers) Pint Sized: Prologue -The Past
DISCLAIMER: I claim no ownership of the Transformers franchise as it belongs to Hasbro. This disclaimer applies to all chapters of this story.
Pint Sized
The Past
"Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, will kick Megatron's ass once and for all!"
A gasp came from inside the little tent made of throw blankets and bed sheets. "You said a bad word!"
A sigh followed the little girl's voice. "Vicky, I'm a big boy! Big boys get to say grown up words."
There was a pause as the bed sheets fluttered in the wind produced from the ceiling fan. "When will I be big enough to say grown up words?"
"I don't know; girls age slower than boys."
There was the sound of a slap followed by a giggle and exclamation of pain. The blankets parted as a small giggling child quickly ran out from under the tent followed by an angry older brother. "Get back here! You can't hit!"
The giggling child abruptly stopped and spun around to grab the little boy. "Shh! We're in the big gray leade
Rebirth Chapter 49: Big Day
Chapter Forty Nine
Big Day
    Jaden took in a deep breath and held it there for a moment. Once he began to feel a little lightheaded, he calmly exhaled and waited.
    Nope. Nope, that new little ball in the lower half of his stomach was still there. How did people with anxiety problems get through life? He had been feeling so incredibly nervous for just a few hours that it felt like he was going to hurl the small breakfast forced on him earlier that morning! This was just insane. Nothing else in his life had made him feel this way, and he had absolutely no idea how to handle it.
    And Mattie wasn’t helping!
    “Man, if you don’t stop checkin’ your phone every five minutes, Ah’m tossin’ it out the window!”
Winner Takes All (Transfomers Flash Fic)
Winner Takes All
A Transformers Flash Fic
Prompt: Fun and Games
Characters: Autobot and Decepticon Cassettes Ensemble
Universe: G1
Word Count: 422
Bullet; Red Bullet; Black Bullet; Red 
      Rumble scowled in concentration as he crouched down. He could feel the ground beneath him tremble from the battle raging behind him, but he did well to ignore it. Having spent the majority of the war as a spy had taught him not to react to distractions. One wrong move, and it would be all over…
    “For frag’s sake—shoot already!”
    The red Cassette felt his hand flinch, and his scowl shifted to anger when the shot went wide, laughably missing its intended target. Rumble swung around to glare at his blue twin and snarled, “You—look what you made me do!”

:trophy: 2nd place :trophy:
Ready to roll out by LadyIronhide
by LadyIronhide

More from this artist:
First snow by LadyIronhide Lowering fever by LadyIronhide Young Ratchet - yearbook photo by LadyIronhide Roll out! by LadyIronhide

:trophy: 3rd place :trophy:
What Happened To Us? by rookiecomics07
by rookiecomics07

More from this artist:
The Sky's the Limit by rookiecomics07 Canceling the Apocalypse by rookiecomics07 Welcome to my Lair by rookiecomics07 Ciel Shepard by rookiecomics07

Congratulations to you all! :clap: :dance: You will receive your prizes soon! :D

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Transformers © Hasbro/Takara | Autobot/Decepticon Symbol | Journal Skin | CSS Tutorial Basics
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Countdown to the deadline of the Color Swap Mini Contest!

Countdown ended
Friday, July 18th @ 6:00pm

No more entries! Judging now commences :)

Donations features part 4!

:star: :iconsingingflames: :star: (off 8/8/14)
Transformers: Quality ControlTitle: Transformers: Quality Control
Universe: G1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is for the Flash Fan Fiction Friday theme, “Writing.” Starscream gets on his subordinates' cases when one of their incident reports fails to meet his standards. Word count: 295
“Your reports,” Starscream said, holding two datapads as he glared at his subordinates. “One,” his gaze flicked to Thundercracker, “is thorough and well-documented, with every action time-stamped. Excellently done. The other,” his gaze shifted to Skywarp, “is decidedly less so. How would you describe your report, Skywarp?”
“It's straight and to the point. It's concise. It's –”
“Four words.”
“Yeah, that too.”
Starscream looked at the report in question. “You wrote, and I quote, 'I blew stuff up.' You consider this adequate?”
Throughout the entire exchange, Thundercra
Transformers: Out of the ColdTitle: Transformers: Out of the Cold
Universe: G1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is for the Flash Fan Fiction Friday theme “winter.” It's been so cold here that this was very easy for me to visualize. Word count: 423
Thundercracker had experienced many climate extremes in his long existence. The world they currently resided on normally had a mild climate variance. Currently, however, the planet had brought its full wrath upon the trine. Wind shrieked. Wet, heavy snow whipped through the air, clogging their systems and weighing them down. Ice buildup had forced them to seek shelter before their inner mechanisms froze.
Starscream found the cave they currently huddled in. The Air Commander had plenty of experience with finding shelter from his earlier vorns as an explorer (and from angering Megatron countless times). Once inside, he collapsed the overhanging snow in front of the entrance. They could teleport or blast their way out later.
All they c

:star: :iconcascadiasci: :star: (off 1/20/15)
All 3 FOC Rainmakers by CascadiaSciStormfront Colors New 2013 Low Res by CascadiaSci




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