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Robots in disguise

Welcome to #Cybertronians!


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438 deviants said Autobots
325 deviants said Decepticons
181 deviants said Neutral

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26 deviants said Secret Santa!
20 deviants said Big contest!
12 deviants said Monthly challenges as usual!
7 deviants said Several point giveaways!
3 deviants said Other (please comment)

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A group for all Transformers fans, all generations! Here we share artwork of all the Transformers universes, suggest :+fav:s related to TF, and share the TF love with everyone else on deviantART! :heart:
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Until Jan 20, 2015

Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 5, 2010


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Donation features part 2!

:star: :iconera-7: :star: (off 12/24/14)
TFP Houston by ERA-7MARS 2365 by ERA-7

:star: :iconobsydiandreamer: :star: (off 3/29/15)
Daenerys Targaryen by ObsydianDreamer Among the Rubble (Transformers)Silently, Ironhide moved through the wreckage, filled with a sense of disbelief and loss.
He was with a small unit of high-ranking Autobot officers, led by none other than Sentinel Prime himself. They were some of the first to arrive after they received the urgent SOS from the Autobot troops within Iacon. He was in Kalis when they got the message, and he knew it must have been bad, but what he found when they arrived at ground zero was much worse than what he had imagined.
More than half the city had been utterly destroyed, reduced to smouldering rubble. Whether the inhabitants were high caste or low caste it made no difference; there had been no mercy for anyone.
It was a battle – no, slaughter – that would forever live in infamy in Cybertronian history.
Reports said that the attack had been led by Starscream, Megatron’s new Second-in-Command. Ironhide knew that Starscream was cunning and eager to move up the Decepticon ranks, but he never thought the seeker

:star: :iconv-for-vincent: :star: (off 12/15/14)
Cyclonus x Tailgate - OneTailgate x Cyclonus - One
(PLEASE see Artist's Comments BEFORE reading, for warnings and disclaimers)
Tailgate x Cyclonus - One
Tailgate cycled a deep, contented sigh and relaxed. A dim, soothing light radiated from the screen of the unattended work console, complimenting the quiet, peaceful warmth that radiated from his spark.
The habsuite was quiet now, but things had been very different not too long ago.
He smiled, feeling Cyclonus' arms tightly about him, holding him to the warrior's chest casing. Tailgate offlined his optics, recalling spending an uncertain amount of time beneath the warrior, savouring Cyclonus' fierce interfacing, something he'd believed would never be more than empty fantasies. He squirmed a little, replaying his most recent memories and feeling a brief surge of heat spring from his interface panel.
He was finding it difficult trying to calm this need, unsure of when he'd grown so addicted to Cyclonus' passion, but this was one addiction he was all too willing t
Christmas 2012 by v-for-vincent

:star: :iconsearaph: :star: (off 12/4/14)
Pikachu menu sprite by SearaphHoenn Starters by Searaph

Thank you to ERA-7 for these amazing custom background skins :)

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October birthdays part 2

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2014, 9:54 PM

These members have their birthday in the last 15 days of October. Go wish them a :icongigglecake: happy birthday! :icongigglecake:

Do you have a birthday in this month and you're not here? Please let us know!

:iconballoonsplz: October 16 :iconballoonsplz2:

Firebending Symbol by TheDecepticonFemme Waterbending Symbol by TheDecepticonFemme

:iconballoonsplz: October 17 :iconballoonsplz2:

KRE-O 30667 Starscream by aim11 KRE-O 30688 Megatron by aim11

Transformers AoE dinobots dino modes by stormtrooperguy5505 milo by stormtrooperguy5505

:iconballoonsplz: October 18 :iconballoonsplz2:

Mirror by Pumpkin-pwns thingy by Pumpkin-pwns

XS Dragon of Thunder Ilsa von Kliment Info by weapon13WhiteFang XS Dragon of Thunder Ilsa von Kliment by weapon13WhiteFang

TF: Replacement ear by kristalnacho Be happy! by kristalnacho

:iconballoonsplz: October 19 :iconballoonsplz2:

Gladidor vs Red PreHistoriczord by Retahensid Guessit by Retahensid

Snowy Morning by StarscreamsGirl Topping the Tree by StarscreamsGirl

Sonic SEGA tablet advertising by Starshot-seeker Fluttershy Illustration by Starshot-seeker

BlackJet by Bladejet Dece tribal by Bladejet

:iconballoonsplz: October 20 :iconballoonsplz2:

Sun One by masterofall Born to Take Easy by masterofall

KARMA THANKS YOU! by NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 Suki 19. by NiGhT-sTaLkEr13

TF-OC: Rapture by grimlock47 request-BittersweetMew by grimlock47

:iconballoonsplz: October 21 :iconballoonsplz2:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Commission by C21 Optimus (commission) by C21

:iconballoonsplz: October 22 :iconballoonsplz2:

Transformer OC Road Reaper by JUSTinnator4 Transformer OC War Bane by JUSTinnator4

:iconballoonsplz: October 23 :iconballoonsplz2:

Ganondorf - Toy 2 by Championx91 Hyrule burning toy by Championx91

Chase Horse by allisonneal Boulder - Season 3 by allisonneal

:iconballoonsplz: October 24 :iconballoonsplz2:

A Twisted Love by RogueKitty Bleach IV by RogueKitty

:iconballoonsplz: October 25 :iconballoonsplz2:

Jetstorm Grin by Seer-Cat Ra'at's Last Moments by Seer-Cat

:iconballoonsplz: October 27 :iconballoonsplz2:

Sonic Eggs Issue 3 Page 6 Preview by Jetstreamx Eggs Redo: Mod Addict by Jetstreamx

CM-Sick Days Part 1“Achoo!”
Thomas groaned as his head throbbed in pain.  This was not his day.  He just had to get sick.  Now he was stuck in bed while everyone else got to go around, doing whatever they felt like while he was stuck in bed stuffed under several layers that threatened to suffocate him.  Closing his eyes, he tried to block out all sense of his torment and failed.  How come he was the only one to fall ill?  What had he done to make him sick?
At least he had some peace and quiet.  His brothers and father were careful not to disturb him so he could get some sleep after making him take some medication.  Hopefully this sickness would pass soon.  He didn’t want to be in bed any longer than he had to.  Letting himself succumb to sleep, Thomas didn’t hear neither the knocking of the door nor the sound of it being open to let a certain someone inside.
“It’s good to see you Momoya.”
“Why are you whispe
CM-Watery FanserviceMomoya wiped her forehead and shielded her eyes as she looked up.  Why did it have to be so hot?  It was like an oven and she was the cake being baked inside.  Her house wasn’t any better.  She didn’t have anything to effectively keep her cool throughout the whole day.  The summer was one of those times were she wished she was in class just to have the air conditioning.  Even English class was better than dying out in the heat.
That’s why she came up with an alternative.  It was the reason she was out there in the first place.  If she had really wanted to avoid the heat, she would have secluded herself in her home despite it not being all that cool.  She was traveling through this unbelievable heat to the one place she knew she could take refuge: the Arclights.  They would certainly have a nice cool place where she could relax before having to go back home.
Wiping her forehead once more, she continued her way until she

:iconballoonsplz: October 28 :iconballoonsplz2:

Birthday Gift for orcagirl1 by AutobotSparkyPrime Soundwave and Hiccups by AutobotSparkyPrime

:iconballoonsplz: October 29 :iconballoonsplz2:

Dark Signer Carly - Summon by Amoenna -Waterfall- by Amoenna

:iconballoonsplz: October 30 :iconballoonsplz2:

Request #1 by DR-EmpireZombie My Childhood (colored) by DR-EmpireZombie

You Looking At Me? by Iddy-Lissesul Eva At 2 Months by Iddy-Lissesul

Shot on Shitio TCrackers by warriorsofskaro1010 Ladies and Gentlemen..? It's SHOWTIME! (Rough) by warriorsofskaro1010

:iconballoonsplz: October 31 :iconballoonsplz2:

Dress by avaingirl777 Starlight by avaingirl777

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