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Robots in disguise

Welcome to #Cybertronians!


Thank you to Frenzi99 for creating the banner! :) See the original deviation here.

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Group Info

A group for all Transformers fans, all generations! Here we share artwork of all the Transformers universes, suggest :+fav:s related to TF, and share the TF love with everyone else on deviantART! :heart:
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Until Jan 20, 2015

Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 5, 2010


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Current big event!

:pointr: September 2014 monthly challenge!

Participate and win prizes! More info here. :D

Please donate any spare points to Jazzs-bot and note the group or Jazzs-girl-4ever for any other prize offerings!

:bulletred: Transformers Prime Season 3: The season is over but we have all the links!

:bulletorange: Possible trivias: We will be hosting random trivias throughout the year. Don't take us off your :+devwatch: unless you don't want to participate! :)

Donation features part 1!

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Donation features part 2!

:star: :iconera-7: :star: (off 12/24/14)
TFP Houston by ERA-7MARS 2365 by ERA-7

:star: :iconobsydiandreamer: :star: (off 12/18/14)
Daenerys Targaryen by ObsydianDreamer Among the Rubble (Transformers)Silently, Ironhide moved through the wreckage, filled with a sense of disbelief and loss.
He was with a small unit of high-ranking Autobot officers, led by none other than Sentinel Prime himself. They were some of the first to arrive after they received the urgent SOS from the Autobot troops within Iacon. He was in Kalis when they got the message, and he knew it must have been bad, but what he found when they arrived at ground zero was much worse than what he had imagined.
More than half the city had been utterly destroyed, reduced to smouldering rubble. Whether the inhabitants were high caste or low caste it made no difference; there had been no mercy for anyone.
It was a battle – no, slaughter – that would forever live in infamy in Cybertronian history.
Reports said that the attack had been led by Starscream, Megatron’s new Second-in-Command. Ironhide knew that Starscream was cunning and eager to move up the Decepticon ranks, but he never thought the seeker

:star: :iconv-for-vincent: :star: (off 12/15/14)
Cyclonus x Tailgate - OneTailgate x Cyclonus - One
(PLEASE see Artist's Comments BEFORE reading, for warnings and disclaimers)
Tailgate x Cyclonus - One
Tailgate cycled a deep, contented sigh and relaxed. A dim, soothing light radiated from the screen of the unattended work console, complimenting the quiet, peaceful warmth that radiated from his spark.
The habsuite was quiet now, but things had been very different not too long ago.
He smiled, feeling Cyclonus' arms tightly about him, holding him to the warrior's chest casing. Tailgate offlined his optics, recalling spending an uncertain amount of time beneath the warrior, savouring Cyclonus' fierce interfacing, something he'd believed would never be more than empty fantasies. He squirmed a little, replaying his most recent memories and feeling a brief surge of heat spring from his interface panel.
He was finding it difficult trying to calm this need, unsure of when he'd grown so addicted to Cyclonus' passion, but this was one addiction he was all too willing t
Christmas 2012 by v-for-vincent

:star: :iconsearaph: :star: (off 12/4/14)
Pikachu menu sprite by SearaphHoenn Starters by Searaph

Thank you to ERA-7 for these amazing custom background skins :)

Random from Favourites


We affiliate with any TF-related group!

September 2014 monthly challenge!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 1:31 PM

:new::new: Less than 2 weeks left to participate!

:new: :noes::megaphone: We are in DIRE need of points (:points:) to continue offering prizes for our monthly competitions and holiday competitions that are coming up!! Please donate to Jazzs-bot! :thanks: :love:

:dance: September monthly challenge prompt! :dance:

NOTE: This theme is just like August 2014's theme, only modified a little bit. :)

THE TASK IS SIMPLE: All you have to do is draw or write a scene that includes your favorite Transformer(s) on their first day of school! MUST be in robot mode, NO humanized forms/holoforms. (Ex: Young Megatron at his first day of academy)

READ THROUGH ALL of the rules!


:star: Depict a scene (whether art or literature) that includes at least one canon Transformer drawn or written as a ROBOT at the first day of school. Doesn't matter which grade! You can include as many OCs as you want but include at least one canon Transformer. (OC's can be human)

:pointr: Start date: September 1, 2014 9:00PM EST. End date: September 28, 2014 11:00PM EST.
:pointr: OC's are allowed.
:pointr: All art genres/medias accepted. Up to 2 entries accepted - neither entry can be changed once entered.
:pointr: The entry must be NEW, as in created on or after August 1, 2014.
:pointr: You must be a member to join and to win! If you join just to submit an entry but then leave you will be disqualified. We will be informed if you leave!
:pointr: The entries must follow the rules of deviantART.
:pointr: Admins/judges CAN participate! Just don't vote for yourself. :)
:pointr: Submit into this folder: September 2014 challenge.

:star: Judges :star:
The entire admin team!


I HIGHLY SUGGEST looking at this blog BEFORE you start writing!

:winner: Prizes: :winner:

:trophy: Participants will receive: :trophy:

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:trophy: 1st place :trophy:
100 :points: from

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:trophy: 2nd place :trophy:
75 :points: from

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50 :points: from

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If you can offer any more prizes, please let us know!

Any questions? Note the group or Jazzs-girl-4ever

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Countdown to the deadline of the September challenge!

Sunday, September 28th @ 8:00pm

See a world clock here to check your time if you're still not sure!

Gallery submissions: 7 deviations per folder each week.

Donations features part 4!

:star: :iconcascadiasci: :star: (off 1/20/15)
All 3 FOC Rainmakers by CascadiaSciStormfront Colors New 2013 Low Res by CascadiaSci




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