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Robots in disguise

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A group for all Transformers fans, all generations! Here we share artwork of all the Transformers universes, suggest :+fav:s related to TF, and share the TF love with everyone else on deviantART! :heart:
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:star: :iconcassandbumblebee: :star: (off 5/4/14)
A Fine Specimen by cassandbumblebeeBedazzled by cassandbumblebee

:star: :iconxobit: :star: (off 5/4/14)
On his Throne
“You are weak, Prime,” the words were purred into his audio receptor, but they did not seem to address the fact that he had been captured. Megatron’s hands were drifting over his chassis, gently teasing a current to respond. A tread of charge that he knew he should not be feeling sitting in his nemesis lap.
He was weak. After several orn in the Decepticon brig, with little to no energon and overactive self repair… anyone would be weak as a newly sparked. It also made his chassis reach for the offer of pleasure, responding so readily to touch.
“So weak… I should have had you fueled better, a little bit of a fight is always nice, gets the energon flowing, hmm?” a rumbling laugh made his finial twitch, and no sooner had it moved than a moist glossa dragged up it.
“But maybe this will be just as good, or maybe even better… if all you can do is cling while I take you? Cling to me, to my throne, as I make you mine. I too desire an end
At Last
When he was sparked by Vector Sigma it had been along with a batch of last ditch afford to gain warriors. Of course it had gone like the rest of the attempts… he had been a little older than most sparked by the great artifact but that was all the luck the Autobot council had had.
Less than three vorn later Iacon had fallen and he, and the rest of his batch, had been taken from their nursery and hauled out of the city.
They did not revert to a life on the run just yet. Iacon may have been the largest Autobot stronghold but it was not the last. Still their youngling vorns were spent in hopping from stronghold to stronghold, being trained to fight and encouraged to like fighting.
None of them really did though. It was simply not in their nature.
When he reached what might be called early adulthood he was proficient in the use of his Ax and his grapplers and was sent into his first battle.
They did not turn the tide of the war.
By the time he had survived a hundred battles his life

:star: :iconflamewarflipsides: :star: (off 7/10/14)
Lessons for Everyone: Advanced: Castle Ruins by flamewarflipsides Santa's Last Sack (Transformers: Dark of the Moon)He pushed the folder across the table gingerly. An immature—humans would say childish—part of him wanted to push it harder, but even the gentlest of frustrated gestures from him might tear the fragile human paperwork. The folder was smaller than Optimus’ fingertip, and he wouldn’t have been surprised if the woman across from him still needed it for something.
“I am flattered by the faith you show in our abilities,” he said, taking a brief pause to let the comment sink in, “But even we Autobots are incapable of the feat you have requested. No one of us can traverse the entire planet in one night… and even if we could, how would we gain entry to all of these homes and deploy the packages given our sizes and the accompanying problems therewith?”
“I was hoping maybe one of your scientists had some luck with the space bridges,” Mearing droned, glaring over her reading glasses.
“Why, because yours have had no such luck?

:star: :icon569413: :star: (off 7/10/14)
163 by 569413166 by 569413

Donation features part 3!

:star: :iconnightspin: :star: (off 5/7/14)
Believe in me by NightspinFlower war. by Nightspin

:star: :iconjessrobley: :star: (off 5/4/14)
Ratchet vs Knockout by jessrobleyFalconry by jessrobley

:star: :iconredconvoy: :star: (off 5/4/14)
Beauty and The Beast Transformers StyleDisclaimer: None of this is mine.  Transformers are a trademark and copyright of Hasbro, IDW, Takara, and Spielberg.  MetalChick36, Sentinel is officially the toilet paper XD.  Thank you!  This is for you. :D Yugioh is a copyright and trademark of Kazuki Takahashi, TV Toyko, Konami, Studio Gallop, and NAS.   
"This is beyond ridiculous!" A voice said. "I'm going to be the beauty?  I know I'm good looking!  I know I could beat Springer in a Mister Universe Contest, but what the hell, man!  I am not wearing a freakin' dress!" Rodimus protested as he burned the dress in effigy.  
"What are you complaining about?!  I was cast as the damn eccentric father who invents stuff!  I can't even toast bread!" Kup growled.
"You invent stories from your many missions and exaggerate the end result!" Rodimus reminded him as he dumped the burning dress in the sink and then sat down on a
A Drift and A DripDisclaimer: None of this is mine.  Transformers belong to Marvel, Hasbro, Takara, and IDW.  This story is somewhat safe to read.  Rated M for language and suggestive stuff.   There is plenty of that on   This is based on the comic More than Meets the Eye Ongoing.  
A Drift and a Drip
The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and all was right with the world.  That was what Rodimus would have loved to on-lined to after he was knocked out unconscious while partaking in a round of hi-grade with the rest of his crew.  He wondered what he had done to piss off one of his crewmates to go to that extreme!  Whoever the bastard was, they hit him from behind.  How cowardly could someone get?
Rodimus tried to move, but found his wrists bound by some sort of steel rope that almost stretched him out at either side.  At least his legs were free.  He could kick

:star: :icondarst-llah: :star: (off 5/5/14)
Soundwave and Ravage by Darst-Llah TFP: Undercurrent 6Soundwave was still out and Shockwave knew it was logical to get some down time as well, but he couldn't force himself to move away irrationally fearing that his partner would online the very moment he left her side.
'How long have you been sitting here?' - the question startled the tech and he onlined his optic to see Megatron with energon tubes in his servo. Shockwave checked his internal clock. Nearly ten orns - it didn't feel that long. He must have powered down, then. However, the mech before him had no need to know that.
'What are you doing here?' - he asked in response. Megatron shook the tubes with dull-blue stale recycled en they were fed. "You failed to show up for your energon this cycle, someone had to bring it". The steely mech turned his face to the recharge berth. "Will he ever online?" - he asked.
As if responding to the sound of his voice, the form on the berth stirred, uneasy at first, then swinging her wings around. Soundwave attempted to rise and gave out a horribly

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April birthdays part 2

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 11:14 AM

These members have their birthday in the last 15 days of April. Go wish them a :icongigglecake: happy birthday! :icongigglecake:

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:iconballoonsplz: April 17 :iconballoonsplz2:

Dispatch by Shuttleformer Giftie for Ivy by Shuttleformer

:iconballoonsplz: April 21 :iconballoonsplz2:

Humanized Chromia by Alracairam Modern Fairytale by Alracairam

:iconballoonsplz: April 22 :iconballoonsplz2:

Republic Commando, 4 by Ayej TF, 19 by Ayej

:iconballoonsplz: April 24 :iconballoonsplz2:

Skids transformers IDW comic style by ailgara Optimus Prime Transformers Prime 1 by ailgara

TF:Hello by Andelgard hmm by Andelgard

:Knock-out protect my dreams by OptimusPrime29 Sideswipe's Head by OptimusPrime29

:iconballoonsplz: April 25 :iconballoonsplz2:

Crazy Old Man by kykywka Traitor by kykywka

:iconballoonsplz: April 26 :iconballoonsplz2:

Prowl Wallpaper by seductivelemons Nothing But A Clone by seductivelemons

:iconballoonsplz: April 27 :iconballoonsplz2:

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:iconballoonsplz: April 28 :iconballoonsplz2:

Tweetie Mermaid by EerieIri Yodana and Swindle by EerieIri

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:star: :iconm-hourglass: :star: (off 5/12/14)
Human!Soundwave - Tall, dark and silent by M-hourglassCommission -  Mine by M-hourglass

:star: :iconsingingflames: :star: (off 8/8/14)
Transformers: Quality ControlTitle: Transformers: Quality Control
Universe: G1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is for the Flash Fan Fiction Friday theme, “Writing.” Starscream gets on his subordinates' cases when one of their incident reports fails to meet his standards. Word count: 295
“Your reports,” Starscream said, holding two datapads as he glared at his subordinates. “One,” his gaze flicked to Thundercracker, “is thorough and well-documented, with every action time-stamped. Excellently done. The other,” his gaze shifted to Skywarp, “is decidedly less so. How would you describe your report, Skywarp?”
“It's straight and to the point. It's concise. It's –”
“Four words.”
“Yeah, that too.”
Starscream looked at the report in question. “You wrote, and I quote, 'I blew stuff up.' You consider this adequate?”
Throughout the entire exchange, Thundercra
Transformers: Out of the ColdTitle: Transformers: Out of the Cold
Universe: G1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is for the Flash Fan Fiction Friday theme “winter.” It's been so cold here that this was very easy for me to visualize. Word count: 423
Thundercracker had experienced many climate extremes in his long existence. The world they currently resided on normally had a mild climate variance. Currently, however, the planet had brought its full wrath upon the trine. Wind shrieked. Wet, heavy snow whipped through the air, clogging their systems and weighing them down. Ice buildup had forced them to seek shelter before their inner mechanisms froze.
Starscream found the cave they currently huddled in. The Air Commander had plenty of experience with finding shelter from his earlier vorns as an explorer (and from angering Megatron countless times). Once inside, he collapsed the overhanging snow in front of the entrance. They could teleport or blast their way out later.
All they c

:star: :iconunderbase: :star: (off 7/10/14)
TFA Starscream digital inks by UnderbaseYEP, by Underbase

:star: :iconcascadiasci: :star: (off 1/20/15)
All 3 FOC Rainmakers by CascadiaSciStormfront Colors New 2013 Low Res by CascadiaSci



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I REALLY miss Transformers Animated; anybot-dy with me on this?
:nod: It was great until Sari became a Mary-Sue, but other than that I miss it too. Also, I was not happy with the ending lol
stormtrooperguy5505 Mar 21, 2014  New member Student Artist
I gots some news about the about the new film. Apparently, it's not going to be a "kids film". It's supposed to be darker than the last one.
Chai--Latte Mar 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
That was taken out of context from an interview with one of the actors. While it does seem to have a darker setting than the previous three, it'll still retain the PG-13 feel.
stormtrooperguy5505 Mar 8, 2014  New member Student Artist
Has anyone seen the new official trailer for Age of Extinction? I saw it and it was awesome! :la:
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